Commencement of Mental Aptitude classes at Mount Carmel School Dwarka

On August 29th, 2023, a new chapter of learning commenced as GOF ACADEMY proudly launched its Mental Aptitude Training classes at Mount Carmel School Dwarka. Spearheaded by our President and esteemed Mental Aptitude expert, Mr. Deepak Singh, these classes are set to redefine the way students approach this subject. The inaugural session saw Mr. Singh delving into the intricacies of the 'Counting of Figure' topic, accompanied by a well-crafted study plan outlining the journey ahead.

Excitement was palpable as students embarked on this learning adventure. With a unique blend of in-person and online classes, our Hybrid model promises the best of both worlds. Face-to-face classes during weekdays and online sessions on weekends ensure flexibility. What's more, the provision of class recordings caters to the curious minds who may miss a session.

At GOF ACADEMY, our mission is clear - to nurture understanding. Mr. Deepak Singh's distinctive teaching approach has made Mental Aptitude an approachable subject. Students expressed both comfort and enthusiasm, finding clarity in Mr. Singh's insightful teaching methodologies.

As we journey forward, we're confident that the horizon of knowledge will expand, We extend heartfelt gratitude to Mount Carmel Dwarka for this collaboration, marking our third year of training sessions. This partnership has consistently yielded scholars, and this year, as every year, we are determined to continue this tradition of excellence. Here's to an exciting odyssey of learning and growth!