Insightful Session on CUET Exam at Mount Carmel School Dwarka

On August 31st, 2023, GOF ACADEMY orchestrated an insightful session at Mount Carmel Dwarka, attended by Class 11th and 12th students. The focus of this session was the Center University Entrance Examination (CUET), a crucial exam for post-graduation pursuits after completing 12th grade. This mandatory examination introduces Mental Aptitude as a pivotal subject, a domain largely unfamiliar to students in their school curriculum.

Mr. Deepak Singh, our dedicated Mental Aptitude trainer, orchestrated this seminar, offering invaluable insights into the CUET examination. Having steered numerous students towards success in the previous year's exams, his expertise resonated well with the attendees. His distinctive teaching methodology infused confidence, rendering a seemingly complex subject much more approachable.

Students resonated with the seminar's content, acknowledging its informative value. Their enthusiastic response highlights their interest in joining Mr. Deepak Singh's training classes. We extend our gratitude to Mount Carmel School Dwarka for facilitating this enlightening session.

GOF ACADEMY's existing collaboration with Mount Carmel for NTSE and MVPP training is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Looking ahead, we anticipate fostering a similar collaboration for CUET training, further enhancing students' academic journeys.