Introductory session of the upcoming Mental Aptitude classes for the students of Bal Bharti Rohini

On 19th of July, we conducted an introductory session with the students of Bal Bharti Rohini before commencing their Mental Aptitude training. Mr. Deepak Singh, our president and Mental Aptitude trainer, gave a brief insight into the subject and its relevance in their academic journey.

Mr. Singh highlighted that Mental Aptitude is not only crucial for MVPP and NTSE exams but also plays a significant role in enhancing their analytical skills, benefiting their performance in other subjects as well. He emphasized that 50% of the score in both MVPP and NTSE is dependent on Mental Aptitude, making it a pivotal factor for success.

The students showed great excitement and eagerness for their upcoming Mental Aptitude training sessions. With Mr. Singh's expertise and guidance, they are well-prepared to excel in these prestigious examinations and develop essential skills for their future endeavors. The session served as a motivating start to their journey of academic excellence.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Bal Bharti Rohini for placing continuous trust in GOF Academy. Together, this year as well, we are determined to nurture and produce NTSE and MVPP scholars, empowering our students for a brighter and successful future.