Mental Aptitude Introductory session with the students of Mount Carmel School Dwarka

On the 10th of August, GOF ACADEMY conducted an engaging introductory Mental Aptitude Class for the students of Mount Carmel School, Dwarka. Mr. Deepak Singh, the President of GOF ACADEMY and a seasoned Mental Aptitude trainer, provided students with a sneak peek into his teaching strategies and how they would delve into various topics.

During the session, Mr. Singh elaborated on effective practices for excelling in Mental Aptitude Tests. He emphasized that dedicating just two hours per week could significantly contribute to scoring well in this subject, both in the MVPP exam and future competitive examinations.

He highlighted the subject's crucial role in a student's success, not only in MVPP but across all forthcoming competitive exams. Mastering Mental Aptitude sharpens analytical thinking skills, preparing students for challenges ahead.

The students exhibited immense enthusiasm for their upcoming mental aptitude classes. We're excited to commence comprehensive Mental Aptitude training at Mount Carmel School, Dwarka. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Mount Carmel School, Dwarka, for selecting GOF ACADEMY as their partner in preparing students for MVPP Exams, underscoring our shared commitment to fostering academic excellence.