NTSE and MVPP seminar Conducted at Indraprastha International school Dwarka

GOF ACADEMY successfully conducted a seminar last year at Indraprastha International School Dwarka on October 12, 2022, focusing on NTSE and MVPP exams. The seminar, hosted by Mr. Deepak Singh, our President and Mental Aptitude trainer, provided valuable knowledge about these exams. The introduction of Mental Aptitude as a subject generated great interest among students. As a result, many students expressed interest in joining our courses, and some have enrolled also.

The rigorous training offered by GOF ACADEMY has led to several students successfully clearing the MVPP exam this year, including a student from Indraprastha International School Dwarka. We are committed to supporting and nurturing talented students, helping them excel academically. We express our gratitude to the school for hosting the seminar and partnership. GOF ACADEMY remains dedicated to unlocking students' potential and guiding them towards remarkable success in their academic pursuits.