NTSE and MVPP seminar Conducted at Pragati Public School Dwarka

Last year GOF Academy successfully conducted an awareness seminar on MVPP and NTSE scholarship exam at Pragati Public School Dwarka on October 27th 2022. Our esteemed president and mental aptitude trainer, Mr. Deepak Singh, provided students with comprehensive information about MVPP, NTSE, and various competitive examinations. He introduced the MAT subject, discussed MAT questions, and shared valuable tips and tricks. The seminar was met with great enthusiasm from the students, who found it extremely informative. Both students and teachers appreciated the seminar's content and its focus on enhancing their knowledge and preparation.

GOF Academy takes pride in organizing such wonderful seminar, contributing to students' academic and competitive success. We remains committed to supporting students in their preparation for prestigious exams like MVPP and NTSE, and will continue providing valuable guidance and assistance in their academic journey.