NTSE AND MVPP seminar conducted at Vishwa Bharti Public School Dwarka

On July 21st, GOF ACADEMY conducted a highly successful seminar at Vishwa Bharti Public School, Dwarka, focused on NTSE and MVPP government scholarship exams. Hosted by President and Mental Aptitude trainer, Mr. Deepak Singh, the seminar covered syllabus patterns, previous year questions, and the advantages of becoming an NTSE and MVPP Scholar. Mr. Deepak Singh introduced the crucial Mental Aptitude subject, providing students with valuable tips and tricks for solving related questions. A confidence-boosting small test was also held during the event. The seminar received praise from students and school management alike, and GOF ACADEMY is grateful to Vishwa Bharti Public School for hosting this enriching session. As GOF ACADEMY remains dedicated to empowering students for a bright future, we look forward to more such impactful collaborations.