NTSE Webinar conducted at, Hanifa School, Borsad Gujrat

On June 23rd, 2023, GOF ACADEMY successfully conducted a webinar at Hanifa School in Borsad, Gujarat, focusing on the NTSE exam. The esteemed presence of our President, Mr. Deepak Singh, added value to the session as he provided a comprehensive insight into the NTSE examination. He emphasized the significance of appearing in competitive exams, as they offer students early exposure to the competitive world.

Mr. Singh encouraged students to overcome their fears of failure and actively participate in the race of competition. By doing so, students can develop a strong work ethic and gain an advantage over their peers. He also provided guidance on how to strike a balance between preparation for competitive exams and board examinations.

The session left students thrilled and motivated, earning appreciation from the school administration. Many students expressed interest in further training, prompting GOF ACADEMY to arrange demo classes to cater to their enthusiasm. We are grateful to Hanifa School for their support and remain committed to empowering students in their pursuit of excellence in competitive examinations.