Seminar conducted at Mount Carmel School Anand Niketan

On 12th May 2023 GOF Academy conducted another successful seminar on NTSE and MVPP exams at Mount Carmel School Anand Niketan. This was the second year of our collaboration with Mount Carmel School, and we are proud to say that it was another successful event.
Mr. Deepak Singh, GOF's president and Mental Aptitude trainer, shared valuable tips and tricks for the MAT section of NTSE and MVPP exams, which will also help in future competitive exams.Students were enthusiastic and eager to learn more about this subject. NTSE and MVPP are competitive exams that require dedicated preparation, and we are here to support our students every step of the way.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Mount Carmel School for their continued collaboration with us. We look forward to another successful year of training and preparing their students for NTSE and MVPP exams.