About Us

GOF Academy, the brain child of veteran educationist and IIT-Delhi graduate Mr. U.P Singh, is the group of IIT graduates, Ex-IAS officers and renowned educationists having combined experience of more than 60 years.

About GOF Academy

The brain child of veteran educationist and IIT-Delhi graduate Mr. U.P Singh. With a highly dedicated team of distinguished national and international fame academicians, content developers and committed technical team, GOF Academy is providing the best learning platform for jee main ,jee-advanced ,NEET ,NTSE,KVPY,OLYMPIADS AND Foundation Courses. our academy is very popular for school integrated program which meticulously covers CBSE curriculum along with competitive approach requried for engineering ,medical IAS,CLAT,B.Arch,NATA,Commerce and humanities.Our online testing platform,in -depth analysisis at micro and macro level of student performance along with smart educational tools and continuous support to students and schools has given us huge popularity in very short span of time .

What We Do

It is a platform where different stakeholders of academic fields have come together with a vision to nurture the students to achieve their academic goals. The students from different schools / institutions join our platform for a healthy competition to test their analytical and creative abilities using their present knowledge base. It also aims at developing skills such as lateral thinking and leadership through specialized mentoring and workshops in prestigious institution under the guidance of academicians of national and international fame.

Mission And Vision Behind GOF Academy

The GOF Academy has always upheld the mission to brush up on the skills of the students and prepare them better for the future. Academic stakeholders from all sectors have joined together to create a platform for students to learn and grow.

Various students from different schools and universities participate in a friendly competition on their platform to demonstrate their analytical and creative ability. Specialized mentorship and workshops are also held in GOF academy making it the best coaching institute for IIT, JEE, and NEET in Delhi.

GOF Academy

Technology based Teaching

We are aware that students and teachers across the planet need the best, most up to date, education system to prepare them for the future and the world needs the best prepared students to have a better future. Today’s education systems are changing and the incorporation of digital advances into the classroom is necessary. To prepare students for their future we utilize the most advanced tools and techniques available.

Talent adoption programs (TAPS)

It is a unique feature of GOF Academy where the organization adopt talent at early stage and provide all financial and logistic support to adopted children with generous support from people, NGO’S, Societies and Industry.

Mother Company

GOF Academy is a unit of Udayan Education Private Limited which is a well-diversified and technology-enabled provider of education products, services, content, and infrastructure. It is a professionally managed nodal organization, which works with several similar Private / Govt. / NGO organizations to groom the young talents.

Associate Brands

Global Pratibha School ( GPS ) , Global Pratibha International School ( GPIS ) , Global Olympiad Federation ( GOF ) , NTSESCHOLARS.COM & IITSCHOLARS.COM

Our Associates