Chairman's Message

u p singh

Mr Uday Pratap Singh (UP SINGH) is a B.Tech graduate from IIT Delhi and aluminous of 1992 batch. He chose the profession of mentoring students since 1992
During last 30 years of his mentorship he has trained more than one thousand students in IIT-JEE successfully. One of the remarkable achievements of unique mentoring is Sahal Kaushik and Bal Sant Shivanand Tiwari who passed IIT at the age of 14.
Success of these IItians at this early age made him an icon in IIT-JEE training.
The success of Sahal Kaushik and Bal Sant Shivanand Tiwari both were reported by all national newspaper in the front page including all editions and created a huge interest among T.Vchannels.
Mr Up Singh has a great flavour for teaching and guiding young achievers who he considers national assets. He has a truly philanthropic motive in guiding students of extraordinary calibre from different sections of society, as he bears all their expenses till they succeed.